Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You!

Photo from Luke Barta at the Los Angeles Boy Manor Show.

Tour was fantastic, magickal, and all of the above. Thank you to everyone who came out. I'd like to thank the following:

Alan George Ledergerber Jr and Lisa for their hospitality, Derek, Kenny, Ronoso, Peace and Justice Center and the awesome vegan lasagne, Chris, Jake, Rhinoceropolis, Hot White, Tollund Men, Vitamins, King Mob, Tom, Healthy Times Fun Club and the awesome vegan thai food, Ian, Brain Fruit, U, Brad for the hospitality, Ariel and Ian for their hospitality, Emily, Andrea, Emmett, Matty, Max, Kyle, Greg, Margot, Soft Metals, Tunnels, Remy and his amazing lady-friend, Michael, Anthony, Jordy, East End, Dennis Dread, Ashley, Scott and Vicki Knowles for their hospitality, Elizabeth Ellerbee, Michael, East Nile, Group Rhoda, Psychic Handbook, Ander, Boy Manor, Britt & Amanda, George & Christina for their hospitality, Pete, Greh, Grant, Luke, Lee Nobles, KeepBullFighting, Sneaky Snake, Tom Hall, Krystal, Dad, Mom, Peter, Isobelle, Bryan and everyone who hung out, everyone I talked to and everyone that I hope to see again. I'm forgetting a lot of people because it was all a wonderful blur. I made new friends and family and I am so appreciative for it.


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