Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Benefit Show This Saturday at Cheer Up Charlies

Proceeds will be donated to AIDS Services of Austin and Austin Radical Action for Gender Equality!


Performances by: HipNaughtica, Chola Magnolia, & Bulimianne Rhapsody

DJ Line Up:

Pasht-Pagame-John Gomi-Asil Bee-La Mala Mota

Live Band:

Xander Harris

Photo Booth: Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos


Dallas, TX based Pour Le Corps Records is releasing a new Xander Harris tape entitled "Chrysalid". The picture above is the cover for the tape. The tape is a concept album based on a female android that goes by the name Chrysalid, who leads an uprising against humanity on Earth after decades of enslavement.

There are other releases on the horizon as well so stay tuned. Details will emerge as they become more concrete.

Xander Harris

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fear Itself!

Fear Itself from Altered Esthetics on Vimeo.

Altered Esthetics used my song "When The Hammer Starts To Swing" in a trailer for their upcoming event titled "Fear Itself". Artists confront phobias ranging from the creepy, crawly, or things that go bump in the night, to the terrifying anticipation of social situations or life events. Super stoked!