Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top Five Tracks At The Moment

Throbbing Gristle "AB/7A"

Carl Craig "Landcruising"

LA Vampires "Make Me Over"

Soft Metals "Voices"

Claudio Simonetti "Demons"

Opening Credits

Xander Harris-Opening Credits by Justin Sweatt


Xander Harris began in the far reaches of 2009. A child left behind on the set of “Prince of Darkness”, Xander crawled from the backlot wreckage with a sequencer in one hand and a synth in the other ready to take over the dark dance floor. He trekked across the barren landscape of the southwest and decided to place his stasis machine in the warm goo-goo muck of Austin, TX. There, Xander learned of the powers of Chris Carter, Roland, Alesis, Korg, and on the 8th and 1/4 day, he called it good.