Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The 2011 End Times

Urban Gothic received the honor of being #50 on Fact Magazine's top 50 releases of 2011. You can check that out here

This year has been magical and insane. 2011 is a year that I will never forget. I've made new amazing friendships, got engaged, released some music, and played some awesome shows. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the shows, buying the music and supporting me. There are a bunch of things that are on the horizon for Xander Harris for December and the great 2012 cataclysm. Cassettes, 45s, remixes, 12 inches, mini discs, USB keys, you name it, it'll have some sort of synth jam on it, hopefully. Hopefully there will be more shows, more tours, and more fun. I have a show coming up in Dallas on the 17TH of December with sonic outlaws Eyes, Wings, & Many Other Things that will be free and fun. There are more shows coming up in the future and hopefully there will be some jamming at SXSW this year.

2011 wouldn't have been possible without the following people: Devaki Knowles, Jackie Mandujano, Natalie Ribbons, Nay Nay, Brian Keene, Amanda and Britt, Isobelle Fox, Greg and Margot and the Portland Crew, Dennis Dread, Soft Metals, Jake and Speaker Snacks and the Denver Crew, Healthy Times Fun Club, AGL, Akino Taurus, John Vardell, Tom Hall, Group Rhoda, Damon, Dylan Ettinger, Clarke Thomas Joyner, Topping Bottoms, Matt and Jeremiah, Justin 70, Daughters of the Sun, //TENSE//, Michael, Adam, Stephanie, Eli, Harlan and BNB, Chad and Switched On, George and Christina, the 100% SILK/Complicated Dance Steps/NNF family, Sean and Marjorie, Eyes, Wings, & Many Other Things, Ian, Boy Manor, Luke Barta, Holy Strays, Swan Dive, Angeliska & Colin, Amelia, Lau & David, RecSpec, Tamale Molly, Psychic Handbook, Holy Strays, Ruralfaune, Nick and Melissa, Greg and Allyson, Sheri, Steve and Moon Glyph, and everyone else. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone! Don't hold it against me!