Friday, June 10, 2011

Xander Harris Radio Interview

xander harris interview / 100% silk / not not fun

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Xander Harris has been making music for around 15 years. This guy knows about synths, is soo into Chris and Cosy and loves Skinny Puppy. This episode will feature an interview with Justin about his record, synthesisers and being awkward in clubs - something which we can all relate too.

He recently released ‘I Want More Than Just Blood’ on Amanda from Not Not Fun’s new dance label 100% Silk. ‘I Want More Than Just Blood’ consists of some sweet dancefloor jams with a big 90s horror vibe. Imagine running through a field in pink neon leggings to the sound of Hellraiser and you’ve just about got it.

Thank you to Sub City Radio and Sofie for a wonderful chat and playing awesome tunes.

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